welcome, friends!


thank you for visiting my portfolio. i built this website with the intent of having a central location to refer friends/family/acquaintances/etc. to view and hear what i have created. i have extensive experience with music, visual arts, written word, and all that they encompass, so you will start seeing more of these things from me as i begin to work on this site. you also might find me in this section, complaining about issues in my city or reviewing albums that are having a huge impact on me in that moment. i’d love to give you all as much of my personality as i can, so that hopefully you can grasp that there is a normal dude running all of this, trying to make something of himself.

anyway, i don’t have much else to say right now, so feel free to dig around my musical portfolio. i’ll have much more for you to view by the next time i see you.


– jp